5 Best Cryptocurrency Applications Categories for iOS

5 Best Cryptocurrency Applications Categories for iOS

Review of iOS applications where you can use cryptocurrency: casino, exchange, betting, news

The 5 Best Cryptocurrency Applications: iOS Devices

The best way to keep up to date with the crypto market is to have an application for that. There are a vast number of iOS apps which help you track your trades and the market movements or win some more cryptos for your portfolio. Discover the best ones to be sure you’re getting the right information.

Applications for Entertainment

Most programs on your phone or tablet are probably related to gaming or something of the sort. So, it is just natural to start with entertainment applications and then pass on to professional tools. There are loads of gaming and betting options.

Cryptocurrency Casino

Cryptocurrency apps for gambling vary in quality, security, and games that they offer. Before you download any of them, you need to look into the company behind them.  
Once you have done a bit of research, you will find that crypto casino on your mobile device is as much fun as any other type. You will be able to play a wide range of games from the classic slot machines options to blackjack mobile applications. According to the student assosiation’s article on gambling entertainments on Dukediya.com, playing for crypto is an amazing new opportunity that makes withdrawals faster and anonymous.
The minimum and maximum betting stakes will vary depending on the casino you are using. Some apps will have minimum bets of as low as 0.001 BTC while others will require a much higher minimum bet. You will generally have a maximum bet of around 12 BTC. Of course, you need to be careful and only bet the coins that you can afford to lose.  
There is one drawback to these casinos and that is the fact that almost all of them are Bitcoin only. If you are looking to use altcoins, you will have a harder time finding an application to use.  
Examples: Vegas Casino, Bitcoin Casino Slot, BitCasino, etc.

Sports Betting

There are a lot of people who do not realize that they can bet on sports with cryptocurrency in the same way they do with dollars. Sports betting is not something that everyone should do with their cryptocurrency, but if you do enjoy it, there are some interesting options.
Many of the top sports betting apps will primarily have American sports. The odds will generally be in line with normal sports betting, so you do not have to worry about additional charges because you use cryptocurrency.
As with casino applications, betting ones are geared towards Bitcoin and only few of them will use altcoins. So, betting with Ethereum or Litecoin will be much harder to do.
Examples: Betcoin Casino, Cloudbet, etc.

Applications for Buying and Trading Crypto

There are also lots of mobile applications that provide useful tools for dealing with crypto. They may help you follow the news, use exchange services, or track your investment activity. Read on to discover some examples.

Cryptocurrency News

The world of cryptocurrency is fast paced. You need to be able to keep up to date with everything that is happening and the best way to do this is through cryptocurrency news apps. The best ones update their news very regularly in order to track every little change.  
When looking at these apps, you should also consider ones that have some investing advice. A great example is the one from Investing.com which offers news on different cryptocurrencies and investing tips. This will ensure that you know what is happening and what this means for any of the coins that you have. After all, there is no point in knowing that banks have regulated the purchase of Bitcoin if you do not know what that is going to do to the value of the coin.
Examples: Investing.com, CoinDesk, CoinCap, CoinGecko etc.

Crypto Exchanges

Anyone interested in cryptocurrency knows that they need to use an exchange to buy and sell the coins. However, you do not have to be tied down to a web browser to get the benefits of the exchanges. There are many exchanges including Coinbase that have released apps to help you.
Applications vary in quality and ease of use. Most of them will have similar functionality to the exchange on a web browser. You will need to have an account at the exchange, or you can open an account via the app.
The primary drawback that you might find is that not all of the currencies are listed. There are also some apps which limit the transaction values. Always choose the exchange applications that have 2-step verification and other security measures.  
Examples: Coinbase, CEX.IO, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, OKCoin, etc.

Portfolio Tracker Apps

If you are investing in cryptocurrency, you need to keep track of everything. This is particularly true if you have found some of the smaller coins and invested in them hoping to get profits. Keeping track of all your coin investments can be a challenge if you are not deeply committed to this. Fortunately, you can use a portfolio tracker app to do everything for you.
Portfolio tracker programs are what you need to look at to keep everything in line. They not only keep track of all the coins you have, but also have price charts that you can use to see what is happening to your coins. These charts come with alerts that you can set to remind you to buy or sell at certain price.   
Examples: Delta, Blockfolio, Coinigy, etc.

To Sum It Up

There are a lot of cryptocurrency apps currently available and the number of them is set to increase in the coming years. Find the best applications to enjoy your cryptocurrency to the full. There are options for entertainment and for any activity on crypto market. With special programs on your mobile device, you’ll be able to track all news, buy or sell coins, play for crypto, and more.

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