3 Cloud Mining Companies To Watch In 2021

3 Cloud Mining Companies To Watch In 2021

Cryptocurrency mining, especially Bitcoin, is becoming more difficult by the day. This is because of the increasing complexity of the process and the need for pre-requisite knowledge. Sophisticated ASIC computers are now used for mining unlike when miners could use a normal computer when Bitcoin first sprang.

There is also the need for a lot of electricity, which not many can afford. As a result, miners have sought a way to make it easier to mine and came up with cloud mining. This is a method of mining in which many individuals contribute resources to fund the mining process and in return share the proceeds based on their contributions. This method also allows those with absolutely no knowledge of crypto to invest and earn passive income from cloud mining companies. The following are the top 3 of those companies in the cloud mining industry.


Shamining offers state-of-the-art equipment for mining cryptocurrencies. Existing since 2018, the company offers affordable investment options for its cloud mining services. Many options of miners exist that investors can choose from. There are GPUs of different capacities as well as ASIC miners. To start mining with Shamining, all it takes is a simple registration. The investor then rents a miner (make a payment) and they control their own miners.

This can be done from a computer or any mobile device that supports the Shamining app. Returns are paid out daily and investors can easily withdraw to their personal wallets. The interesting thing about this company is that investors can actually calculate their profits before even starting the process. This is a major confidence booster in addition to the fact that the company is duly registered and offers a +37% bonus on the first deposit.


StormGain is a free Bitcoin cloud mining service provider. However, how much a miner can earn in a day or any period depends on the speed of mining. This in turn depends on how much of the StormGain crypto exchange they use. The more they trade cryptocurrencies or simply exchange them, the more speed they acquire and the more BTC they earn.


What is spectacular about StormGain mining is that it does not use the battery or CPU of the user’s computer. The company provides all the power needed to mine and all the user has to do is sign up and start earning. The system is also fast and there is no risk involved as no investment is required.


Nhash is another top crypto cloud mining services provider. The company is known for its low investment requirement. Investment can be as low as $5 for a 1-day contract to as much as $3,000 or more for BTC. Nhash also allows investors to pay for mining contracts in Ethereum and Litecoin for which the investment can be much higher. This is probably the only cloud mining company that allows mining of other digital assets other than Bitcoin.

Perhaps the greatest thing about Nhash is that investors don’t need to do their own mining whether with a computer or mobile device. Instead, they just get paid daily returns once they invest with zero participation. The company also issues bonuses and runs a referral program that pays customers for referring new users to the platform.