$157 Billion Asset Management Firm Plans To Storm Crypto Market

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It appears that the cryptoverse is never going to stop winning minds and hearts despite a recent bearish hit that has threatened to plunge the market back into winter. This can be confirmed with the latest big entrant into the industry, namely Victory Capital.

Big Player

Victory Capital is no small player when it comes to asset management. In fact, the investment firm has about $157 Billion worth of assets under management (AUM), something that should seriously turn heads.

The firm employs a complex futuristic business model that puts it in a position to offer customized investment services. Its client base includes retirement funds, institutions, and business intermediaries.

This makes the firm very exposed to various users from numerous different economic sectors. The firm already has around 10 investment franchises that operate autonomously. It’s not clear whether the venture into the crypto world will be treated as a franchise on its own. To make things official, the firm also released a press statement announcing its debut into the crypto market.

The Plan

Victory Capital steps into the new world with a plan. It hopes to start investment funds with a target investor angle. The target investors are those accredited and have interests in the Nasdaq Bitcoin Price Index as well as the Ethereum Price Index. In essence, Victory Capital will base its investment options around the top two largest cryptos in the market – Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).


The company will partner with Hashdex Ltd, a crypto-oriented investment asset manager that will avail its expertise in the management and trading of BTC and ETH. Under this deal, Victory Capital will provide crypto investment and asset management services for private funds operating in the US and under the NCI (Nasdaq Crypto Index).

What This Means For The Market

It’s evident that the crypto market is already at its peak status as a top fiscal market across the world, and the entry of some of the largest institutional funds and investment firms, like Victory Capital, is a clear indication of this fact.

With the firm introducing investors spanning various sectors, it’s bound to expose the crypto to more people and driving their adoption as credible investment assets.